Easy Natural Treatment For Tinnitus

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Easy Natural Treatment For Tinnitus

Postby reginafancy » Mon Dec 09, 2019 8:08 am

In the SIE model, the speaker is located at the tip Sonus Complete Review of the acoustic thin wire. Therefore, sound does not have to travel through the wire to get to the ear. Because of the speaker's location, the quality of the sound is much better and this is why the SIE model is preferred for persons suffering from high frequency hearing loss and other more niche forms of hearing difficulty.

One of the key advantages of open ear hearing device is their reduced occlusion effect. This effect common in non-open aids is characterized by 'tunnel-like' sound transmission due to the obstruction of the ear by the device. The open hearing aid is located outside the ear and this means the user receives the sound signals in a more natural sounding form.

Persons with hearing difficulty are sometimes not comfortable with the attention their condition attracts. Open hearing devices are small and are not easily noticed once they are placed behind the ear giving the user confidentiality if they so require it. The fact that they are small and light makes them comfortable to wear. A flexible directional microphone that forms part of the entire set means that you can point it directly towards the direction the sound is coming from. To top it all and despite all these advantages, the open hearing device is inexpensive.
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