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Improve your game with Deathmatch

Postby stealth » Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:51 am


I've been playing Source for over 3000 hours my biggest accomplishment playing in ESL Major series in that game. If people are going to dish out advice they should preface their posts with their experience, some of the advice here is not of great quality.
First off, you are playing on 64 tick servers in MM so make sure you are playing on 64 tick DM servers. (In all honesty 64 tick is a joke and I urge you to get into a team of your caliber and playing with them. Counter Strike should not be a solo experience nor should it be played on a tickrate of 64 when 128 is available. But do what you think is fun, it's a game.)
Now... You have a fundamental misunderstanding of what you accomplish by going on a DM server, like most people do.
Your KDR(kill to death ratio) is not important so I urge you to unbind tab. It makes the whole experience much less frustrating. You can unbind it by typing: unbind tab in console. When you want to see scores again for a match type: bind tab +showscores. You can probably find a way to do this in options as well. While you are at it unbind control(ctrl). It's the easiest way to reduce your spraying. Crouching is not very good anyways since you instantly become a stationary target easy to kill. I've had the problem of crouching and spraying to much and after a while I realized I had played many matches without ctrl binded. It is as far as I'm concerned the most effective solution in reducing unnecessary spraying.
What you want to do when you are on DM is simulate an ingame situation. Say you are running out of A-lobby into long, how would you peek the angles in a match? First we would check the corner of blue container, next we check the corner at long, then we go out of the lobby and we peek pit, then we clear the bricks next to blue container on our left, then we check the far right corner on the right side of pit, then we peek long or clear pit. Every single time you go into long you peek it and go through all the motions you would(or should) do in a match.
If you have no special way of peeking corners or entering territory where the enemy could be you are a bad player and need to learn how to properly check everything. It is a simple exercise in logic but watching pro players can help. Look at how a team on DD2 as terrorists take over long for example. And as they run out of long lobby how what they check first and where their crosshair is.
Think about it this way: There is a correct way to peek every single angle in this game. I can enter long from A-lobby as a terrorist and if I peek my angles right I maximize my chances of getting a kill.
To be good on DM means you are always checking the radar, always turning around looking at spawns, and not very often focusing on corners like you do in a game. Stop thinking about score on DM and start focusing on killing the enemy you face fast. You are not on DM to get good at playing DM.
If someone flanks you it doesn't matter. If someone spawns behind you it doesn't matter. If you fail to kill the guy who you face when checking your angles you failed and should feel awful. If you were in a game that played would have killed you. If you face an enemy and spend 3 seconds spraying and kill him in the end very slowly with your pistol you have failed and should feel awful. His teammates would most likely already have killed you in a match. If you peek a corner and your crosshair placement is so perfect you don't even have to touch your mouse just tap left click getting a headshot giving the guy no chance of killing you, you have succeeded. If you peek a corner and kill the enemy you face with a single burst in under a second, ready to face the next enemy quickly, you have succeeded.
Since most servers for various reasons only have DD2 playing you will improve most on DD2. Your peeks on other maps will be lacking but the concept is still the same. You can practice your peeks alone, finding the best way to enter ramp on Nuke or how to peek Arch and Quad in Inferno. Practice it, find smokes to help you with your peeks (for example smoking off Quad in Inferno and peeking Arch).
And then, when you are in an MM game, you are sitting outside ramp in Nuke as terr, you know how you want to peek, you execute your strat, you throw your smoke you throw your flashes, they land where you want them to land, you execute, you peek your corners, you see and enemy, you shoot him in the head with 2 bullets, turn around, and since you didn't spray you can quickly dispose of the next guy, you have gotten 2 entry kills in a match, gotten ramp control and if you were in a real match the round is just about over. In MM your team is probably all sitting outside dead but that's another matter.
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