South Beach Diet® - Brief Review of South Beach Diets

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South Beach Diet® - Brief Review of South Beach Diets

Postby southbeachdiet » Fri May 22, 2020 7:21 pm

Atkins diet is the base of many low carb diets. One of its popular versions is South Beach Diet. However, in a general view, these two may look similar. But, in reality south beach diet adopts a lot more heart-friendly substances than Atkins. Still, South Beach holds many basic characteristics of the famous diet program.

South Beach Diet book is one of the best selling books on this particular issue. South Beach diet is best known for its delicious, doctor-indicated and seemingly full proof diet plan for easy and fast weight loss. Just like Atkins, it also restricts the consumption of carbohydrate. But, it still has many differences with Atkins.

Unlike Atkins, South Beach Diets discourage many source of fat, as those are harmful for health. In case of carb, South Beach lets the clients consume low-sugar foods, which don't have any impact on blood sugar rise.

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