How to make the game load faster

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How to make the game load faster

Postby stealth » Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:47 pm

Haven't tried it myself, so can't say if it works or not, but it sounds plausible.

source: ... cle/621148

The fact you here means you're fed up with waiting ages for Battlefield 3 to load and want to find that cure. You want to be able to join a server and not have to worry about missing the first couple of objectives. If this sounds like you keep reading as I may just be about to make your day.

First of all I'll give you some load time examples. All times are measured from the moment I press Join Server to the moment I hit the deploy screen. I have "Go to game when ready" checked.

The first number is without the fix, and the second is with it.
All times are in seconds

Grand Bazaar

Caspian Border

Operation Firestorm

Operation Metro

Wake Island

Strike at Karkand

As you can see with the fix the load times are much faster.

Now let explain how it's done.

1. First of all your going to need at least a 16GB USB Flash drive. This is the one I used in the tests.

2. Next you need to go to your install folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games) and CUT "Battlefield 3" (right click on the Battlefield 3 folder and select Cut)

[ Image ]

3. No go to your flash drive and select Paste
(If you don't have enough space go back to the Battlefield 3 folder and move the "_Installer" folder to a save location, this folder is not needed to run the game. Once you have done this return to step 2)

[ Image ]

4. You now need to create a Junction Point. Grab awxLink from Here and install.

5. Return to your Battlfield 3 folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games) right click and select New>Folder JunctionPoint Then choose Flashdrive>Battlefield 3 and press OK.

[ Image ]

[ Image ]

6. Rename the newly created file "JunctionPoint to Battlefield 3" to just "Battlefield 3"

[ Image ]

7. That is everything done, now try to load your game and notice how much faster it loads.

[ Image ]
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