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BF4 Tips, Trick & Bugs

Postby stealth » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:54 am

  • Accepting an order from your commander gives him XP and you don't have to complete the order, so always accept!
  • Level 100 is the max level and only requires 8 mill XP. Compared to BF3 that would be level 25 colonel.
  • Activate your XP boosts. In game press esc to bring up the menu, there you can activate boosts on the bottom right hand side.
  • Battlepacks can be opened in battlelog, these contain random upgrades and XP boosts.
  • By the time you've achieved 500 kills with a weapon you should have all unlocks. (confirmation needed)
  • You can copy somebody elses emblem. Just go to their profile and click on the emblem!
  • Shooting at a laser designated target with a laser guided rocket does more damage.
  • All classes can now use carbines & DMRs
  • As a medic you can equip combat medic buff that will give people you revive more life.
  • You can choose which slots your gadgets go (for example swap revive paddles & medpack)
  • The snow storm on Locker is periodic and can thus be used to your advantage (think PDW & shotgun)



Update 18-12-2013 source:
  • The IGLA is incredibly powerful but nobody uses it. Fire one missile at an enemy helicopter, then reload. Usually the chopper will flare immediately. Fire your second missile and keep the chopper in your sights for as long as possible---the second missile will hit, and then the first one you fired will come speeding back in, ignore the flares, and hit as well for a 90 damage instant disable. This technique works with Javelins too
  • M2 SLAM can be placed in shallow water to blow up boats or on unoccupied vehicles to kill people who spawn in on them. The boats can only see them with Thermal vision. It only takes two M2 SLAM to blow up a helicopter, on Obliteration you can walk right into the enemy spawn and stick all their vehicles
  • It takes 3 M15 AT mines to blow up a tank, same number as it does to blow up a tank with M2 SLAM, but the SLAMs are way more versatile
  • Laser-designated SRAWs and Javelins will go directly through enemy aircraft flares. They one-shot jets all the time and helicopters most of the time. They even move really fast so you usually don't have time to react
  • You can place claymores at the edges of ladders, and as long as the wires deploy, there's no way to get past them
  • You can use any controllable gadget (EOD Bot, SOFLAM, MP-APS, Mortar) to capture flags. Just hide it on the capture point and then take direct control of it whenever you want to cap the flag from afar
  • If you're playing Defuse, it's possible to hear the enemy planting the bomb from obscenely far away (like half the map), and it takes a long time to plant. Just put C4 on both bomb sites and hide. You can also put C4 on the bomb once it's dropped and wait for the "neutral bomb" to disappear on your HUD then detonate it

Infantry Combat
  • The Defensive specialization is basically Juggernaut from Call of Duty. You always take one extra bullet to kill unless your opponent headshots you. It's a big advantage over anyone who's not using it
  • You can only aim down sights with the Shorty 12g once you've put a custom sight on it like the Ghost Ring. It's way more powerful ADS than hipfire
  • Don't waste your time with any grenades other than V40 Minis. You can spam the crap out of areas you know have enemies, and they're way more powerful than their name suggests, easily capable of a one hit kill. RGO Impacts only do 66 damage, use them on wounded targets who flee around cover
  • There is a glitch where getting revived and surviving for the next 20 or so seconds means that you won't receive the death on the scoreboard when you eventually do die later. If you're playing in close company with friends, you can pad your K/D quite nicely this way. I've had games where the scoreboard said I went 30-0 or something even though I actually died like 5 times
  • The Angled Grip makes weapons with a big first shot recoil multiplier like the AEK and CZ-3A1 much more easy to use. DICE doesn't tell you which guns have what multipliers but you can find them on Symthic. The Stubby grip is statistically garbage, don't use it. There's also no reason to undersling an M320 or M26 except to look cool
  • All pump-action shotguns do the same amount of damage with slug rounds, so there's no reason to use any of them besides the UTS-15 if you're going slugs
  • Pick up the power weapons scattered around the map in infantry only game modes, everyone ignores them for some reason but they're really easy to get kills with. If you have the ammo field upgrade you get extra magazines for the M82A3 and USAS-12. The USAS can resupply off Support ammo boxes
  • The Compact 45 is better than the M1911 in every way. Most of their stats are identical but the Compact has a bigger magazine Source

  • Any vehicle weapon with limited ammo in a "magazine" can have its maximum capacity improved by firing one round and then reloading as soon as you spawn in. This goes for IFV rounds, rocket pods, 25mm Scout Helicopter gunpods, etc
  • Most IFV drivers run TOW missiles, which can lock on to laser designated targets and resupply quickly, a gunner with the SOFLAM specialization allows your IFV to be a guided missile powerhouse that can lock onto any target, air or ground, within 500 meters. They do more damage when guided, too
  • The minigun on the front of the RHIB Boat is way more powerful than you'd suspect, and can easily kill any helicopter in the game and even a jet if it dives too low and slow
  • The boats' 30mm heavy cannon doesn't do much damage to enemy aircraft but 3-4 hits will kill the crew of a harassing Scout Helicopter if you're hitting it in the front
  • Active Protection will shoot down bullets from attack jets, wasting their strafing run
  • Tank AP Shells inexplicably do more splash damage to infantry than HE shells
  • The game claims that armor-piercing IFV rounds don't do splash damage, but it's lying. Not only do they have splash damage, they're more accurate than 25mm HE, do more damage to armor, and can blow up walls
  • If you have a repair guy on the side of your Scout Helicopter, have him run Stingers. Have him fire the stinger first to bait the enemy flares from another Scout Heli, then fire both your heat seekers while he fires a second Stinger in order for a 90 damage instant disable
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Re: BF4 Tips, Trick & Bugs

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and then the game became more shittier
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